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Are You Confident in Your Discovery Processes and Workflow?
38% of corporations have not employed new eDiscovery technologies. When middle-market organizations are included with this data, the percentage rises to more than half of all businesses.
The amount of data created over the next three years will be more than the data created over the past 30 years, and the world will create more than three times the data over the next five years than it did in the previous five.

Every day, businesses and organizations leverage their information assets to fuel their operations. The amount of data created daily is staggering.  There are now more bytes of information than there are gains of sand on planet earth.

IG360 helps client sift through this data. We have developed a comprehensive set of processes and services that leverage market-leading technologies driven by talented and experienced legal project managers.

This combination creates increased efficiency, budget transparency, refined operational performance, identification of value and risk, cost reduction all while maintaining legal and regulatory defensibility.


Laying the Foundation: Preservation & Legal Holds

Preservation is an obligation that starts “with reasonable anticipation of litigation”.  There is no bright line for this rule.  Improper preservation can adversely impact a legal matter.

IG360 Project Managers work closely with clients, firm attorneys, and case teams from the inception of each matter. This puts important project managers closer to our attorneys and firms’ clients at times when initial preservation conversations are critical. These conversations regarding preservation and legal holds with Clark Hill attorneys, clients, legal, and IT personnel are the key to effective preservation.

Collection of Electronically Stored Information

Preservation casts a wider net, a good collection plan narrows the scope of discovery to meet the needs of the matter in a cost-effective manner.

IG360 project managers establish a collection plan and coordinate collections efforts with attorneys and the client’s legal and IT teams, facilitating attorney-directed client self-collection or forensic collections as necessary.

Processing: Making the Data Ready to Use

“Processing” is a defined industry term in discovery. Processing electronic extracts, organizes, and preserves the necessary metadata while simultaneously making the data set searchable.

This step also often times will trigger a cost. But, this cost along with hosting charges is a small percentage of the cost of discovery.  Estimates are that upward of 80% of the cost of discovery is in review charges.  But, processing and culling help reduce the overall review cost.

Culling & Searching: Finding What You Need to Review

Post processing a data set is searchable; enabling sorting, date filtering, culling, keyword searching, and other advanced data reduction capabilities like email threading, early case assessment, AI, and continuous active learning.

IG360 has all these capabilities and tools. Our project managers know how to make the best use of these tools and there is no additional cost for any of it.

Review: Substantive Evaluation of Your Documents

Review is the most expensive part of discovery.  What occurs in the process before review during preservation, collection, processing, searching, and culling will have a direct impact on the number of documents that need to be reviewed and the overall cost.

IG360 takes an agnostic approach to review technology.  There is no one review software that is a magic bullet.  We have built a toolbox full of options to match the technology with the needs of the matter.

Managed Review: Staffing Your Review

Delivering cost-effective services involves organizational innovation and strategic planning in staffing.  Every client is faced with the technology costs associated with discovery.  Every client is cost-sensitive.  It is our job to build client-focused services to address these realities.  Document review is the most overlooked upfront cost of discovery and also the most expensive aspect.

IG360 provides managed document review blending associates, IG360 project managers and internally-sourced and vetted contract attorneys at pre-negotiated rates that can be a third of an average associate’s rate.  If the timeline or document count for the review changes, IG360 has the ability to ramp up or down as needed, providing flexibility that associate reviewers can’t.

Production: Providing Others with Your Data in A Defensible Format

The goal of this whole process is to find and produce documents. When the process is done correctly documents are produced in a usable format and we can impose that same obligation when documents are being produced to us.

The IG360 workflow managed by top tier Project Managers aide in every step along the way and add the needed extra quality control and technical capabilities to finalize clean productions.

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