Data Mining

Data Mining

Identification of Protected Information For Notice

Finding Protected Data

Analyzing data impacted by cyberattacks

After a data breach, time is of the essence.  Failure to meet notice requirements can rack up costly fines.   Our data mining team specializes in finding breached protected information.  We have dedicated search and AI technology, workflows and review capabilities that quickly identifies what needs to be reviewed and delivers lists to our Cybersecurity case teams in a clean and controlled manner to allow for effective notification to individuals and other entities.


Data Triage

Source data is processed to eliminate duplicates, remove logos, suppress redundant email threads and identify large excels and PDFs.

Impact Assessment & Programmatic Review

Application of data mining AI tools, targeted searches and analytics to identify only the files that are highly likely to contain PII and other protected information exposures.

Manual PII Extraction

A dedicated and highly trained team of US-based reviewers managed by Clark Hill performs eyes-on review of each file and captures data subject information into secure entity list.

Data Subject Normalization

Data subject roll-up and quality control checks are performed by data mining project managers to minimize redundant entries and reduce attorney analysis time.

IG360 Part of Complex Multifaceted Cases

With steady growth in cyber activity, today’s businesses are at more risk of cyberattacks than ever before. It’s no longer a matter of “if” your organization will be impacted. It’s a matter of how well you are prepared and protected for when it happens. Transform and manage the cyber risk of your business with ASSET360’s industry-leading cybersecurity solutions.

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