Clark Hill and 4Discovery Team up to Present a Webinar on Mobile Devices – Their Structures and Data Vulnerabilities January 21, 2015

Chicago, IL – Clark Hill PLC’s Intellectual Property and Technology Practice Group is pleased to have as its guests, Jeffrey L. Hartman and Chad Gough, who will discuss the architecture of mobile devices during a webinar on January 21, 2015. Jeff and Chad are partners at 4Discovery, a company specializing in computer forensics in the context of compliance, due diligence, and e-discovery. Register for the webinar HERE.

The production of smartphones and tablets now exceeds that of PCs and experts agree that most computing in the future will be done on mobile devices.  This trend, involving massive amounts of Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”) on mobile devices, creates new challenges and opportunities for businesses. As businesses continue to figure out how to turn this information into a valuable asset, they must contend with new regulatory compliance obligations and new challenges in transactional due diligence and e-discovery. To help make sense of all the changes, the concerned professional should be acquainted with the underlying mobile architectures (i.e., hardware, software, and interfaces) that are driving the complexities in these areas and the changes in the laws and applicable standards.

In the webinar moderated by John L. Hines, Jr. of Clark Hill, Jeff and Chad will provide an introductory “look inside” these devices to better equip both the technical professional and the not-so-technical professional in order to make fuller sense of the highly dynamic regulatory environment.  They will also address the following topics:

  • What are the distinctive design features that relate to the acquisition and storage of information on mobile devices;
  • From hackers to advertisers: what mobile device and third-party technologies are relevant to the acquisition of data by parties outside your organization;
  • The limits of mobile defenses: encryption and other user controls; and
  • BYOD and preserving the technical separation between personal and business use.

Piggybacking on Jeff’s and Chad’s presentation, Clark Hill will also offer a few lessons from the trenches in the context of compliance, corporate transactions, and e-discovery.  E-discovery can be the most costly element of litigation.  Focusing on special issues raised by mobile technologies, Clark Hill’s e-discovery manager, Mike Boland, will: (i) discuss prophylactic steps your organization can take to help control costs in the event of future litigation; and (ii) offer a few high-level pointers on managing the e-discovery process.

This webinar is designed for the general user as well as the professional, including: attorneys, paralegals, and other support staff – irrespective of practice area – who are interested in better understanding how mobile devices impact their practices and their clients’ businesses; information, privacy, and security officers; e-discovery service providers; and other consultants who offer professional services relating to the collection, transfer, protection, storage, and/or discovery of data on mobile devices.

Learn some of the steps you can take to manage and utilize mobile devices to decrease risk and increase your enterprise value.

CLE CREDIT & INFORMATION: One hour – general/non-ethics (1.0) of substantive CLE credit will be sought for those attending in jurisdictions with mandatory reporting (IL, PA, and AZ) where the Firm has active offices.

Please join us to view the webinar in your local Clark Hill office or log in and watch it remotely from your computer. Register either way HERE.