Alternate Staffing

Alternate Staffing

Affordable. Fast. Flexible.
It is now a buyer’s market for legal talent. There is a distinct shortage of experienced attorneys in the litigation, real estate, construction, labor & employment, and commercial law areas of practice.
The “Great Reshuffle” saw 12,000 attorneys leave their firms and seek out new roles. Some went right back into firm life, with better culture, lower billable hour requirements, and the ability to work from home.

The Right People Doing the Right Work

People are the driving force behind all of the legal work in the marketplace.  These employees seek a fulfilling career performing interesting work at a level that is sustainable.  Having the ability to quickly adapt your workforce to keep your current employees satisfied and engaged while successfully increasing the total amount of work product is critical to growth.  Our team knows how to leverage W2 contract employees to do this.


Our team of highly-skilled and vetted attorneys deliver high-volume document review and a cost-effective price.


Document Review

Some estimates have shown that up to 60% of the cost from a typical piece of litigation is connected to discovery costs and 80% of that relates to document review.  We have developed solutions to provide high quality document review at an affordable cost.  The Alternative Staffing team provides vetted and screened document review attorneys who are covered by malpractice insurance to work in conjunction with the IG360 project managers on client matters.  These reviewers typically cost a third of an average associate’s rate.  If the timeline or document count for the review changes, the Alternative Staffing team has the ability to ramp up or down the staffing level as needed, providing flexibility that associate reviewers can’t.


  • Attorney review starts at $75 per hour
  • Non-attorney review (for Data Migration reviews) starts at $45 per hour
  • Team sizes can vary from 1 – 100+ attorneys depending on production deadlines
  • All attorneys are screened and checked for conflicts prior to starting the project

Contract and Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Alternative Staffing means the strategic use of contract and contract-to-hire attorneys to better, more efficiently complete the tasks associated with a client’s matter. One whose responsibilities mirror that of an Associate or Senior Attorney in a law firm. Think of them as “pressure release valves” for when the work overwhelms the current team, or an Associate or In-house counsel takes a medical leave.  The work must still be done, and a contract attorney is a great option to see that it is.

We have a dedicated team to locate, vet, and place qualified contract attorneys within any firm or corporate legal department.  Contract Attorneys can act as the attorney of record on a matter, take depositions, make appearances, etc. provided they are properly supervised.  Our team can support any office in the U.S. and many locations abroad.


  • Fast Recruitment turnaround, typically within a week or two
  • Flexibility in location and experience
  • The ability to tailor the employee to the work

TalentSource Recruiting

Legal Talent Source is a flexible and opportunistic approach to strategic recruitment. We are able to proactively source and vet candidates for both immediate and long term needs ensuring candidates align with both Clark Hill goals and our values and culture as well.

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