About Us

Who We Are

We’re a group of consultants, strategists, and legal technology and staffing professionals helping clients and partner law firms with defensible discovery and review processes.

Top Level Professionals utilizing Market-Leading Technology effectively and efficiently.

Our People Define Us

Solid processes and technology mean nothing without having people who know how to pull the levers.

Technology Agnostic

We have a full toolbox of technology at our disposal.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every matter.

Winning Combination

Merging market leading technology driven by top level talent allows IG360 processes and workflows to be successful.

Expansive Footprint

Global consulting capabilities across discovery services, staffing, and cybersecurity.

You need a trusted advisor on your side. IG360 offers leading-edge solutions and talent.


Staying on the bleeding edge of the eDiscovery market.


Consultative review of each matter through multiple lenses, building an efficient and cost-effective solution to meet the needs of each project.

Hands-on Experience

We have collectively worked on thousands of matters and have ten of thousands of hours of combined experience.


We have saved our clients millions of dollars in discovery costs while staying ahead of deadlines.


Our people. Period.

Experience Matters.

Your problems are unique and so are our solutions. 

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