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We know that today’s law firm client wants legal services that are better, faster, and cost-effective. Delivering better, demands substantial legal expertise and high-level strategy. Delivering faster, requires tactical flexibility and the leverage provided by legal technology. Delivering cost-effective services, involves organizational innovation and strategic planning in purchasing and staffing. All of these are especially true in today’s world of electronically stored information (ESI).

Information & Discovery Services

Are You Confident in Your Discovery Processes & Workflow?

Every day, businesses and organizations leverage their information assets to fuel their operations. The amount of data created daily is staggering.  There are now more bytes of information than there are gains of sand on planet earth.

IG360 helps client sift through this data. We have developed a comprehensive set of processes and services that leverage market-leading technologies driven by talented and experienced legal project managers.

This combination creates increased efficiency, budget transparency, refined operational performance, identification of value and risk, cost reduction all while maintaining legal and regulatory defensibility.

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Alternate Staffing

Are the right people focused on the right work?

Today’s workforce is increasingly stretched thin and pulled in many directions.  Our team of legal staffing professionals finds the best legal talent for any given task, whether it’s a 50-attorney document review project, or one niche attorney to handle obscure contract negotiations in Nebraska, we can staff it. Skilled in all phases of recruitment, we can find you the people you need to get the work done well.


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Data Mining

Protecting Your Critical Assets

Data is an organization’s most critical asset – and highly sought after by hackers. Bad actors often target organizations to steal their sensitive data and extort for payment. According to DataProt, 68 records are lost or stolen every second, costing an average of $150 per record. Organizations need trustworthy analysts who can efficiently mine data to ensure you understand what populations and data were impacted and regulatory disclosure deadlines are met.


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